Sometimes, I think the year should start in September. We’ve had the hustle bustle and heat of August, the invasion of the tourists, the chaos of the music festivals, and a few too many beers out in the sun. Now it’s wound down a bit, and those strong enough to brave the ordeal of the Family Holiday nurse their wounds as the little monsters go back to school.

The weekend was sunny, but the weather’s been cool, so it’s time for something warming. There’s a bunch of vegetables – carrots, onions and celery – that have seen better days and need using up before they become disgusting. A handful of pancetta got fried ’til crisp and all the fat had rendered, and then the chopped up veg were fried in the resulting fat, plus some butter and oil. Flour to thicken, and then some powdered vegetable stock, some bay leaves, and a couple of tins of of chopped tomatoes on top.

The kitchen needed cleaning, so I let that all simmer, whilst I got on with it. The resulting goop in the pot is way too thick, so I’ve pulled out a couple of ladles, blitzed with a little hand blender, and diluted into soup. The rest will be reduced and saved for the basis of something tomorrow.


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