It’s almost cold, and actually wet today. Where once there was a veritable herd, there’s now only a single dispirited chugger by the station.

About 500mL of last night’s tomato goop has been popped into a saucepan with some dried basil and oregano, and half a tin of borlotti beans. It would have been nice to have used up the whole tin, neatly, but life’s not as neat and as convenient as that, so the remainder go into a tupper and into the fridge. Hopefully I can think of something useful to do with them, rather than discover them six months later.

It’d also be nice if you could just chuck the handful macaroni straight in, but it really needs to be cooked in a separate pan, before being added. By now the mixture’s heated up, so I turn the heat down to a low simmer. It’s looking a bit thick, so I add some boiling water to get it to the right consistency, and then switch the heat off before grating in some parmesan.

A kind of minestrone, I guess. (Or is it ribollita? Not sure. I think the real thing would need beans, cabbage and a ham bone.)

The remaining kilogram of tomato goop will have to go in the freezer.


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