Vegetable Stock

Ooh what a luverly morning! Just the right sort of morning for The Walk of Shame in fact. Some coffee and a second breakfast set the world to rights.

I have a fridge full of veg that, whilst not by no means mouldy and deliquescing, are looking a bit limp and decidedly past their prime, so decide to turn it them into stock.

The carrots, celery and onion get hacked up, rubbed all over with just enough olive oil to moisten them, a bit of salt; the whole lot popped in a roasting tin and into the oven at 180C, together with what I can salvage from a head of garlic. After 45 minutes the onion, garlic and celery are translucent, golden, and a bit burnt around the edges, but the carrot is barely touched. Not to worry. Everything gets hoiked into the stock pot, and I heat up the roasting tin on the hob, and deglaze it with some hot water. That goes into the pot, more hot water, bay leaves, some black peppercorns, and in lieu of any parsley, the leaves from the tops of the celery that I saved and didn’t roast. Up to the boil for a moment, and then down to a simmer for an hour or so.

Lurking in the Pot

Not sure what to do with it, yet, so most likely into the freezer. After all, homemade stock in the freezer is Jill Dupleix’s definition of social security.


It’s fine making stock with vegetables that are a little on the limp and unphotogenic side, but if you make stock with vegetables that better belong in the garbage bin, it will smell and taste like a garbage bin.


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