Porridge is good for us, apparently. Oats are mainly complex carbohydrates, so it takes a while for your body to process them, which means they provide a steady a trickle of energy throughout the day, rather than the single king hit you get from an almond croissant.

There’s a lot of waffle written about how to make porridge, describing arcane rituals, equipment, and even solemnly pondering whether or not it should be stirred clockwise. I’m not convinced.

I would recommend spending the extra forty pence for a bag of posh oats, as these have a bit more texture to them. The cheap ones tend to produce something that’s a little too smooth and gooey for my tastes.

  1. Take equal volumes of oats, milk and water. Around half a cup of each per person is good, depending upon appetite. (Depending upon the oats, maybe just a teensy bit more liquid; about another 10%.)
  2. Put them all, plus a pinch of salt, into a small saucepan, on a medium heat, stirring occasionally.
  3. Once it starts to bubble and shudder reduce the heat as low as it will go and continue to stir every so often until the desired consistency is reached; around five minutes.

In Real Fast Food Nigel Slater recommends all sorts of things you can put on porridge, but I normally limit myself to honey and raisins, although toasted hazelnuts, cinnamon and nutmeg are nice, even if it starts to feel like pudding.

There are few better starts to the day. At least of the sort I can write about here.


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