French Toast


I feel fat, unhealthy, and more than a teensy bit bad. The tail end of a homemade loaf of brioche (not brilliant, I’ll post a recipe at some point when it works) was winking suggestively at me as I laboured over the coffee, so some French Toast seemed in order. There are various traditions over the origin of this, but its name seems to have come from the Southern United States. (In England it more often goes under the rather prosaic name of Eggy Bread.)

For each two thick slices of bread (or brioche) I use one egg, beaten with an equal volume of milk, plus a teaspoon of sugar, and a pinch of salt and cinnamon. (There are savoury versions where you use pepper and herbs instead.)

Get the frypan going on a gentle heat, enough to melt some butter and have it very gently bubbling.

Soak the bread on both sides in the egg/milk mixture, and then transfer to the frypan. About two minutes a side, to get a nice brown crust. Take a peek from time to time, and turn down the heat if this is happening too fast.

Oh, and make sure your cardiac surgeon is ready and waiting just in case.


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