Overnight Rise

I appear to have slipped into a rhythm of knocking up a loaf of bread about once a week, whilst doing the washing up, and attempting to clean the kitchen. Be assured that every bit of the kitchen does get cleaned, just not all at once. It makes domestic chores more interesting.

This week’s batch used 400g white to 100g wholemeal flour and the first rise overnight; in the fridge. The results were tasty, the overnight rise giving it a bit more flavour.

Bread dough can also be put in the fridge after rising at room temperature and then knocking down. Just remember that either way, it will need longer for the second rise, as it will be colder. You can also put it in the freezer at this stage, but I’ve not tried this. Presumably the second rise would need to be overnight at room temperature.

Oh, and something else I forgot to mention for when you’re making a loaf. When doing the second, brief round of kneading, don’t fold the dough in half, but fold it in three. This will lend an orderly squareness about the dough.


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