Vodka Cherries

Remember the leftover cherries from the clafoutis? Six months in a jar with cheap vodka has transformed them into terribly decadent party snacks. Four out of five punters loved ’em, but the other 20% said they were disgusting.

I used around 400g of stoned cherries, 25g flaked almonds, and 4 tablespoons of caster sugar, plus enough vodka to cover. Needs at least a week, but can probably keep indefinitely.

Serve chilled, with the almond flakes. People like to nibble them.


2 responses to “Vodka Cherries

  1. Can’t imagine that these are disgusting, but is it worth drying them off a bit and coating them in chocolate – sort of chocolate cherry liqueurs! (Or is that a case of gilding the lily?!)

  2. I probably should have written this up in more detail. What I ended up with was an amusing party snack rather than anything terribly sophisticated.

    The cherries are (barely) drained, so you get a nice mouthful of cherry and almond flavoured vodka as well as the cherry itself. I squeezed out a cherry and noted a lot of the flavour had been lost to the surrounding liquid. (This has been popped into a jar and will be the subject of further experimentation.)

    Re drying them and coating them in chocolate, good luck, and do share the results!

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