Stuffed Mushrooms

I happened to be making pasta sauce, so had a full frypan of sofritto and pancetta on the go, and a few large chestnut mushrooms that needed using. So, each mushroom was stuffed with a generous spoon of the mix, baked, topped with grana, and then baked a few minutes longer. Two birds with one stone.

A few points:

  • some recipes have you pre-cook the mushrooms: don’t bother
  • do remember to chop and add the stalks to the stuffing
  • lightly butter the dish, as they can stick
  • choose a dish where they’ll be packed almost too tightly, so they don’t keel over (they’ll shrink during cooking)
  • put a small knob of butter, and then the filling, in each mushroom
  • 20 mins at 180°C
  • add cheese
  • and then another 5 mins

If I were cooking them especially, I’d just fry up a load of onion, bacon and thyme leaves, and top with Fontina or Taleggio.

Possibly best, however, is when you stuff them with leftover risotto.


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