This is a collection of notes about everyday cooking and eating: the kind that goes on after a hard day in the office, or needs to be sandwiched in between a weekend full of commitments, but still needs to provide enjoyment, nourishment, and satisfaction. It’s the sort of cooking that will involve compromise, and practices that ought to invoke scorn from Epicurians far and wide.

When a professional food writer cooks, he/she has a coterie of assistants to shop, wash up, mop the kitchen, clean the grease trap, and individually peel and seed cherry tomatoes. Sadly, I have to perform all these tasks myself, so I’ll be fairly predictable wherever the possibility arises of using one pot instead of two.

Mostly, it’s about enjoyment. I don’t cook to impress, or to compete. I cook because I enjoy eating the results and sharing them with my friends and family.

If you manage to get a few workable recipe ideas from here, or if it inspires you to get busy in the kitchen, then I will consider my job done.


I live in London, so the measurements and ingredient names will be British. Likewise, the shopping recommendations will necessarily be local, unless exchange rates become more favourable, or the office travel budget extends to more than bus tickets.

Intellectual Property

I am not going to reproduce others’ recipes here, unless I’ve added something significant. That’s not going to stop me referring to them, and offering advice.

Likewise, I’m happy for you to use and reproduce the recipes I offer, but would rather it weren’t in a commercial context.

And the name?

Oh, see this piece on dried basil.


Want to get in touch? driedbasil@gmail.com is your best bet.


2 responses to “About

  1. I just found your blog and I love it! I’ll be coming back often to visit! As I’m from Texas, I do have to ask…what is “mash”? I saw several posts where you referred to it and I’m curious :-)

  2. Glad you enjoy it.

    “Mash” is generally mashed potato, although it could be mashed insert-your-favourite-root-vegetable-here, e.g. mashed parsnip.

    I probably need to pop up some notes on “courgettes”, “capsicum”, “aubergines”, “sarnies” etc…

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