Some links to the good stuff:

Adult Hot Chocolate – for grownups only

Akoori – breakfast of champions

Basic Cassoulet – good wholesome fun – no duck confit required

Blueberry Muffins – the fruits of my wicked experiments – less fat and sugar required than you might think

Chilli – my idiosyncrasies

Chocolate Mousse – in which I relive childhood memories of my greatest culinary hero of them all

Creme Brulee – or Trinity Cream to be more accurate

Duck Liver Pâté – mainly from Appetite with a few notes of my own

Foccaccia – some quick notes on just about the easiest bread you can make

Gingerbread – courtesy of Mother Dearest

Heretical Custard – some notes from Pomiane

Homous – much easier and tasier than you think

Lamb Curry – one’s own inauthentic approach, see also vegetable curry

Mince Pies – Bah! Humbug!

Parmigiana di Melanzane – a gross oversimplification but one that works

Party Rice – a debased version of paella suitable for the masses

Pastéis de Nata – the result of a lot of experimentation

Pizza – so damned easy – never dial one in again

Pommes Boulangères – the most glorious side dish of them all

Ragù – my own very inauthentic but very tasty meat sauce

Rillettes de Porc – a homage to pig and garlic

Risotto – the whole process spelt out in detail

Slow Lamb – simplified Delia

Squash and Chorizo Soup – popular with the punters

Tiramisù – fat, caffeine, sugar, chocolate and alcohol – the five essential food groups in one dish

Tomato and Whisky Soup – an easy starter

Tomato Goop – a useful base for all manner of things


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