1. Food is more than fuel. Food is tradition, culture, ritual, geography and hospitality.
  2. And occasionally sheer unmitigated greed, gluttony and indulgence. But only occasionally.
  3. A recipe is a framework on which I can improvise and create.
  4. I hate washing up.
  5. Boasting about how much money or time I spent to cook something is futile. I have a day job, after all.
  6. Snobbery about ingredients, techniques, or equipment does not have a place in this kitchen.
  7. Low fat and low carb recipes are a hint that you need to eat less and move more; not deprive your tastebuds.
  8. Life is too short for instant coffee.
  9. Expediency rules the day.
  10. Except when I have nothing else to do and can make chicken stock from scratch.

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