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Tonno è Fagioli

I am deeply suspicious of anyone who says they like Mondays. It has nothing to recommend it, especially after a sedate, but enjoyable weekend. By the late afternoon I have zero focus, zero concentration, and an urge to get home as soon as possible and do as little as possible. Random things acquired at the supermarket en route in the hope of a more creative week ahead.

Tonight: the remains of the borlotti beans, a tin of tuna, a hefty splash of balsamic, one red onion, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, used to produce some tonno è fagioli which I scoffed wrapped up in a couple of tortillas.

Might win the Nobel Prize for Snacking, but little else. (It is much improved when done with some parsley – fresh or from the freezer.)

Good intentions reserved for the rest of the week.